Oven Problems You May Have This Year

Signs your element is faulty or broken

Oven’s most come issues is due to element no longer working. These are the Signs that the element isn’t working properly. Is the oven not heating properly or at all, and are there patchy or bright spots on the element itself.

Why the thermostat is one of the most important parts of the oven 

Make sure the oven thermostat is working especially if you’re cooking the traditional turkey or anything else that requires a specific, consistent temperature.

Why your oven is not getting to the right temperature

Have you ever notice your oven is not getting to the right temperature, this is normally due to a problem with the door seal, having a problem with the door seal can also lead to melting to your cooker knobs so if you notice any of these sign call us today so we can send one of our trusted engineer to fix it.